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BTC Cost Averaging Simulator

Capital ($)
Start Date
End Date
Upfront Percent
Allocation Periods
Leave blank so it allocates daily through the whole period.

Capital Allocated $1,000
Final Strategy Value $12,295
Strategy ROIC 1,129.51%
BTC accumulated 0.40445682
Strategy Vol (annual) 76.79%
Strategy Sharpe 0.66
Max Buy Price $4,892
Min Buy Price $1,168
Weighted Avg. cost $2,472
BTC Start Price $1,169
BTC Final Price $30,399
BTC Return on period 2,499.81%
BTC if bought upfront 0.85522713
Buying upfront beats? True

Results for accumulating BTC for 180 days from April 13th, 2017 to April 13th, 2023.
From the $1,000 in capital to be allocated, no capital was deployed upfront.

Lumpsum would have outperformed this strategy

Buying the entire position upfront would have resulted in a return of 2,499.81%. This was better than the strategy return of 1,129.51%.