Real Estate Valuation Tool

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Property Information
Enter the value of the property in USD
How long you plan to hold this property in years. The US average holding period is around 8 years.
Enter the zipcode of the property
This is used to get historical prices and then forecast future scenarios
or blank to use a national average
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Fixed Costs
Enter the Homeowners Association (HOA) fees per month in USD.
% / year
Enter the maintenance cost per month as a percentage of property value. A good ballpark estimate is 0.50% to 1% of property value per year.
Enter the home owners insurance per month in USD.
Mortgage Information
Enter the down payment as a percentage of property value or [0%] if you don't intend to take a mortgage
Enter the mortgage rate in percentage
Latest 30YR Mortgage Rate = 7.22%
Enter the mortgage term in years.
Enter the closing costs at inception as a percentage of property value.
Enter the closing costs when selling home as a percentage of property value.
Tax Information
Enter the property tax as a percentage of property value per year.
Enter your marginal tax rate.
Enter your capital gains tax rate.

Opportunity Costs
 to  hrs/wk
Enter a range of hours you expect to dedicate to home activities. For example: 0 - 5.
$ /hour
Enter your personal subjective rate.
How much do you value your own time?
$ /month
How much you would pay to rent a similar home?
Ticker of a benchmark to calculate opportunity cost of cash flows. We are applying a 50.00% discount on past returns of this benchmark. This is a conservative adjustment.
$ /month
Enter any additional expected repairs per month in USD.
Enter the cost of a major repair as a percentage of property value. Usually around 1%.
Think a new roof, furnace, etc...
% / yr
Enter the probability of a major repair per year. For example, a 25% chance per year is once every 4 years.
When these major events happen, how many hours of your time will it take?
% / year
Enter the probability of asset seizure. For example: 1% / year is once every 100 years.
once every years
You'll need to make renovations at some point. Enter the renovation frequency (once every [n] years).
% of property value
Enter the renovation cost as a percentage of property value. 10% is a good estimate for a major renovation every 10 years.
Home Price Forecasts
$ 500,000
10 years
$ 817,197 ( 63.44% )

Below are the random variable results after running the simulations





1.0 hours




Using the average between all simulations, the following are the expected cash flows

Downpayment $100,000
Closing Costs $-
 Closing costs of $12,000 are being financed. The total mortgage amount is $412,000.
Monthly Costs
(avg. between all simulations)
Mortgage Payment $2,802
HOA Fees $99
Insurance $100
Home Maintenance (small repairs) $207
Major Repairs $285
Renovations $237
Real Estate Taxes $375
Opportunity Costs
Not having to rent $2,000
Interest Tax deduction $583
Hours Spent 3.97 hours per month
Personal Cost $1,984


Initial Home Value


Forecast Home Value


Gross PnL


Net PnL


Total cost of home ownership through 10 years
This is equivalent of buying 0.84 houses
Not considering time value of money



How much would you have made if you had invested in BTC instead?
Note that these are forecasted prices based on historical returns. Most certainly they will be wrong but they are in line with the methodology used to forecast the home value.